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4x12 pack1 Marshall emulation from AxeFx

Contains Programs and Skin

List of Cabinet simulations

4x12 Brit = Marshall with 4x12 Celestion Vintage 30's

Manual / website: Based on the sound of modern British cabinets equipped with V30's.

4x12 20W = Marshall with 4x12 20 Watt Greenbacks

Manual / website: Captures the essence of a Marshall 4x12 qwith greenbacks (low-power drivers and unique response).

4x12 25W = Marshall with 4x12 25 Watt Greenbacks

Manual / website: Based on the sound of a Marshall 4x12 cabinet with greenbacks (1970's).

4x12 75W = Marshall with 4x12 Celestion G12T75's

Manual / website: Based on the sound of the British 4x12 cabinets prevalent in the 1980's. A good match for the Metal or Hellbeast Amp Simulations.

4x12 30W = Marshall with 4x12 Celestion Heritage G12H speakers

Manual / website: Based on the sound of a Marshall 4x12 with reissue 30W G12H speakers.

4x12 V30 = Generic 4x12 with Celestion V30's. You'll find notes here and there about this cab being based upon a "Framus" cab but that's outdated information.

Manual / website: A “vintage” 4x12 30W cabinet model.

4x12 T75 = Marshall 4x12 T75

Manual / website: Captured by guitarist, engineer and Axe-Fx user Jocke Skog of the band Clawfinger. This is a great model of a Marshall 4x12 with 75W speakers.

4x12 JM2000

= Marshall JCM2000 4x12

Manual / website: Based on a modern 4x12 cabinet from the famous British amp maker.

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